Having a loved one at home and in their own environment is the best possible place for a family member. Our sit -in service can allow you to take a break knowing your loved one is in good hands.

With Keighley Care Company’s highly trained staff, feel the support of a team that can prepare a bespoke service that allows you to feel free and content with the high quality of care.

With our sit-in service you can have the much needed free time do the necessary things you may require, or to have a break for yourself staying connected with family and friends helping to promote your mental well-being.

To ensure our service meets your needs there is a complete assessment of the needs and a plan that is made by you. This personal plan is then put into practice for your needs. Sits can be arranged to incorporate other services on offer or solely as a service in itself.

There is no set period for a sit they can be arranged for as long or as short as you require incorporating:

  • Personal care
  • Feeding toileting
  • Bed rolls
  • Medication assistance
  • Mobility assessment
  • Companionship

All processes at Keighley Care Company are fully recorded, assessed and reviewed allowing for satisfaction through quality practice.

The requirement of your care service is completely determined by yourself, for any further queries please call your local branch.

Email: keighleycarecompany@gmail.com

Phone number: 01535611611