Having to keep up with your daily medication and staying on top of them can prove a difficult task. It may be that you struggle to organise your medication or struggle to remember if you have taken them or not.

Medication can make the worlds difference and support your health in daily life. At Keighley Care Company we understand the importance of getting your medication right.

Keighley Care Company trained care staff can help support your needs ensuring your medication:

  • Has been checked to ensure correct time, dose, person
  • Your medication Isn’t missed
  • Your medication is consumed in the right way
  • Medication is left in a way that isn’t safe
  • A weekly record that shows accountability of management of medication

This support can be fully tailored to support your needs, as with all services offered by Keighley Care Company. Our services are fully recorded, assessed and reviewed to ensure quality and satisfaction.

Dependant on the level of assistance required specialist support can be put in place, if you are at home and require continuous support your needs may require specialist support with medication.

With all care professionals at Keighley Care Company they undertake specialist training that is service user specific to use:

  • Peg feeds
  • Cough assists
  • Have a good understanding of the application of specialist creams and ointments.

Medication support can be provided as a part of a care package or solely as a service in itself. For any queries please ring your local branch.