When a person develops dementia it’s often very difficult for family, friends and those around you to feel comfortable in their safety and well-being. It can affect your everyday life and make meeting your prior obligations very difficult.

  • Worried the iron might get left on?
  • Worried that your family member might go for a walk and get lost whilst you’re at work.
  • Want to make sure your uncle gets his tablets and his lunch.

Don’t worry Keighley Care Company can tailor support for loved ones to support your needs as their main carer. Having support for loved ones from a trained care professional can help you to continue in your everyday life.

Keighley care company (KCC) are a dementia friendly team who fully support service users and their families in their struggle for a quality life. We at KCC provide fully trained care professionals in high quality dementia care.

There are many services that could help your loved one and yourself be as supported as possible from.

  • Shopping assistance
  • day sits
  • medication services
  • home visits through the day for short periods

To find the perfect care service or to discuss the many options that can be incorporated in your service or for any queries please contact our office team.

Email: keighleycarecompany@gmail.com

Phone: 0135611611